Month: September 2014

Japan imposes further sanctions on Russia

The government imposed further sanctions on Russia in the view of the situation in Ukraine. Now export of weapons to Russia and also technological partnership in the military sphere is forbidden. Also some Russian banks cannot issue securities in Japan.



Japan to impose further sanctions on Russia

Japan is planning to introduce additional sanctions against Russia over the situation in Ukraine. The sanctions are to be announced on Sep 19.

So far Japan was very lenient on Russia only refusing visa to some minor Russian officials who were involved with Crimea annexation. It is planned that the list of Russians who are to be refused Japanese visa would be extended and also their assets in Japan would be frozen. However, the new sanctions may follow the US and EU pattern to include financial and energy sector. Sure enough that Russia will be protesting and Putin’s visit to Japan planned for this fall might be postponed.

Japan did not want to aggravate relations with Russia very much hoping to resolve the Northern Territories problem. But with the US and EU taking further steps to make Russia behave, Japan will have to reconsider its policy and take a stronger stance.


Japan Restoration Party and Unity Party decided on the co-president system

On Sep 6 secretary generals of Japan Restoration Party and Unity Party decided that Toru Hashimoto and Kenji Eda, the leaders of the two parties are to become co-presidents after the parties merge.

Parties aim to hold a merge meeting on the new party creation on Sep 21. The details of the manifesto and party management system as still to be worked out.

On Sep 6 parties agreed about the co-president system and UP accepted that the word ‘restoration’ will remain in the name of the new party. Ideas about the new party name will be collected from the members of both parties before the final decision is made. It was also decided that the party headquarters will be located in Osaka.

On Sep 7 Hashimoto and Eda plan to have a meeting to reconfirm the details.