Month: June 2014

The new Ishihara party has decided on the name – “Next Generation Party”

The new Ishihara party has decided on the name – “Next Generation Party”

The 22 members of Japan Restoration Party that joined the Shintaro Ishihara group has decided on the name for the new party – “Next Generation Party”. The idea is to take the standpoint of the future generation that is yet to be born. The new party proclaimed that the issue to be addressed is “the establishment of the new Constitution”. Party principles and policies are to be decided by the end of July. In August the new party is to be officially established and in the middle of September it is planned to hold the first party conference.

Next Generation Party will forward reforms from the neoconservative positions and strive to create independent citizens, communities and independent Japan. Among the topics to be addressed the party mentions the establishment of the new Constitution, world peace and Japan security, administrative and financial reform, decentralization of power, fundamental reforms for social security.

Ishihara said that the new party will cooperate with the ruling Liberal Democratic Party on the issues they have common position. On the other hand, chief cabinet secretary Yoshihide Suga said during press conference on Jun 26 that he is wishes the new party all the best: “It would be good if we could cooperate on the issues we could cooperate and move the politics forward”.



The new Ishihara party name to be decided on Jun 26

The new Ishihara party name to be decided on Jun 26

The group of Shintaro Ishihara, one of co-presidents of the late Japan Restoration Party gathered together in parliament on Jun 24. Members of the group stated that the name for the new party is to be decided on Jun 26. There were 84 proposals for the party name gathered, of which 5 will be selected for discussion on Jun 26 party conference.


Shintaro Ishihara bids farewell to Japan Restoration Party

During the last party convention of Japan Restoration Party on Jun 22, JRP co-president made farewell speech to the party members.

“We could achieve a lot during the short period of one and a half years. We could drive the clueless Democratic Party of Japan who forgot their country to the brink of destruction. This great achievement has very big meaning since the Constitution of Japan was established.

Now there is one big ruling party and the reorganization of the opposition will be the main challenge. It is unfortunate, but Toru Hashimoto and the Osaka faction decided to join with Unity Party. The person, who is a leader of Unity Party (president Kenji Eda) is proclaiming the things that fully contradict to our political credo. So it is impossible for us to get together.

The country of Japan is facing critical times. If taken lightly, Japan may become the vassal state of neighboring China. We have been working to prevent this. Japan is to become truly independent and it to protect itself. The main pillar for this will be rewriting the Constitution, which is the foundation of the nation, with our own hands. Approval for the right to execute collective self-defense will play a great part in protecting lives and property of our people.

I believe there will be many challenges from now on, but since we are already comrades united by a common bond, let us join forces where it is possible to join forces. We will always keep the doors open for our former friends. I want you to bear this in mind all the time.”


Japan Restoration Party has officially decided to dissolve

Japan Restoration Party gathered on an extraordinary convention in Osaka on May 22. As it was previously decided, the party would split into two groups led by each co-president of JRP – Toru Hashimoto and Shintaro Ishihara. At the convention dissolution of JRP has been officially confirmed.

Japan protesting over the Korean military exercises near Takeshima

Korea announced that they would conduct target practice in the vicinity of the occupied Takeshima Islands (Shimane pref., Okinoshima) starting Jun 20. Chief cabinet secretary Yoshihide Suga during his press conference on Jun 19 stated: “The military exercises are to be conducted within the Japanese territory, we cannot accept it. This is really deplorable”. The government via the Korean embassy strongly called for Korea to cancel the trainings.

When received the notice of the trainings Japan Coast Guard on the night of Jun 18 issued a “navigation warning” for the ships that are to pass in the vicinity. Commenting on this warning Suga underlined: “The warning was issued in consideration of security. It does not mean that we admit Korean claims about Takeshima Islands and it does not mean that we are recognizing these military exercises.”

An official of the Ministry of Foreign affairs suspects that these Korean military exercises are connected with the investigation results on the Kono statement that are to be presented to the parliament on Jun 20.


Komeito is still being stubborn

Komeito still would not approve PM Shinzo Abe’s plan regarding the approval of the right to execute collective self-defense via interpretation of the Constitution. Government aims for approval by cabinet’s decision by Jun 20, virtually the last day of parliamentary session. But it seems that due to Komeito being uncooperative (to say the least), the cabinet’s decision may be postponed.

I do honestly wonder what Komeito’s goal? What they are trying to achieve by demanding further and further checks and limitations to the right to execute collective self-defense.

For me the answer is clear – they do not trust their own voters! They do not trust Japanese people. It looks like they think that the moment the collective self-defense is approved, Japan will start a huge war or something. Or America is eagerly waiting for Japan to approve of the right in order to send JSDF to die in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria… I cannot really think that a sane person would believe in this nonsense, but Komeito’s mantra is that ‘people will not understand’.

Well, people DO understand much more that Komeito think they do.

by naokawa

Communists and socialists want to abolish the Special Secrecy Law

Communist and Social Democratic party plus two independent Upper House members Keiko Itokazu and Taro Yamamoto submitted a draft law to the Upper House that would abolish the Special Secrecy Law that was instituted in December last year. They call for Democratic Party of Japan to vote in favor of the initiative.

Taro Yamamoto should deserve a special mention here. There is a good article on his ‘activities’ in Wikipedia, so no need to repeat it here. I would really doubt that he is a Japanese citizen at all. At the very least his mental health should be checked by professionals.

After the incident with the disrespect to the Emperor (and most of all violating the Constitution) in 2013 I remember some small far-right groups driving back and forth in Akasaka (PM official residence and Lower and Upper House chairmen residences are nearby) calling for Taro Yamamoto to commit seppuku for insulting the Emperor. Indeed, in a pre-war Japan he would be punished by death. Lucky for him to be born much later. Yamamoto was shameless enough not to even resign.

Obviously enough that the idea with the bill is bound to fail, and that it is just a piece of noise for the communists and socialists to remind of their pathetic existence.

by naokawa

Komeito may approve very limited right to execute collective self-defense

Komeito has gracefully agreed to consider extremely limited right to execute collective self-defense but only if “there is a risk that the lives etc. of Japanese nationals would be completely ruined”.

This explanation is taken from government’s interpretation of 1972. I still cannot help myself wondering why would Komeito cling to the past interpretations that much. Why would they want that there would be absolutely no contradictions with the previous interpretations…

As stated in the advisers’ report, the security situation around Japan has worsened drastically in the last few years and Japan needs to stand up to the new challenges.

Just recently Chinese jets repeated dangerous approach to the JSDF jets. Russian planes in the north keep provoking our air forces as well. One must be completely nuts not to understand the strained situation Japan is in.

Sources in LDP has already pointed out that the checks proposed by Komeito will greatly limit the execution of the right for collective self-defense to the extent that it would hardly ever be executed.

by naokawa

The first gathering of the “New Ishihara party”

Members of the “New Ishihara party” in Japan Restoration Party gathered on May 11 for the first meeting in preparation to establish the new party.

Six committees were formed in order to decide on the party name and prepare for the party establishing conference. Ideas regarding the party name are to be submitted by May 12, and after that discussions will be held. Decisions about temporary personnel appointments are also expected to be made.

It is expected that 23 parliament members would join the “New Ishihara party”. The plan is to officially establish the new party by the end of July. However, during the meeting some demanded for the preparations to be accelerated to allow for an earlier date.


Editorial – Is Democratic Party of Japan really a “Japanese” party?

Seeing the news today I could not help myself getting angry at DPJ’s president Banri Kaeda who was asking the most stupid questions to PM Shizo Abe regarding approving the right to exercise collective self-defense via interpretation of Constitution.

Kaeda used the old strange argumentation that the approval via the cabinet’s decision would undermine the very base of Japan’s security. Abe retaliated that the security situation around Japan is getting worse and that Japan’s alliances need to be strengthened. He also repeated that based on the report by the board of advisers the ruling coalition is carefully considering each point and eventually cabinet’s decision will be made.

It was visible that Abe was losing its patience with stupid Kaeda’s remarks. Abe suggested DPJ to face the truth and carefully examine the security situation around Japan. He also mentioned that Japan Restoration Part and Your Party is clearly expressing the position of their voters regarding the right to exercise collective self-defense, however DPJ still did not state its official position.

This poor performance will give Kaeda’s opponents within DPJ even more strength. His term as party president is to end in September next year, but now many people in the party call for much earlier election. One of the major opponents, Seiji Maehara, stated in the beginning of this month that “it is 100% that DPJ should merge with Hashimoto’s JRP in the future” but denied that he is to leave DPJ.

Well, for me it was very bizarre to listen to Kaeda’s questions today. I kept wondering if DPJ is really Japanese national party. At the very least they should make up their mind about the problem before asking questions.

by naokawa