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Shigeru Ishiba on Japan-China statement – “There is no territorial problem”

Local revitalization minister Shigeru Ishiba appeared in Yomiuri TV program on Nov 8. He spoke about Japan-China statement that is called to better the relationship between the two countries and in which Japan accepted that Japan and China have different views on the tense situation around the Senkaku Islands (Okinawa pref., Ishigaki). He stated that “it does not at all mean that Japan accepted that there is a territorial dispute (around Senkaku). There is absolutely no change in Japan’s position”.

On the other hand, he praised the statement saying that “there is no telling when Japan and China would clash (over the Senkakus). It is a great achievement that we can now talk to prevent the clashes.”

About China wishing PM Shinzo Abe to stop visits to the Yasukuni shrine Ishiba stressed: “It is up to the politician to decide whether to go to the Yasukuni or not, it is not something to be decided by China”.



Editorial: Russian defense budget increase calls for action

Russian defense budget is steadily growing year by year. In 2015 it will account for 4.2% of GDP (3,286 trillion rubles). In 2014 it was 3.4% GDP, in 2013 – 3.2%, and in 2012 – 3%.

At the same time in Japan it is still 1% of GDP… This is even less than what is required of the NATO countries (2%).

The increase of scrambles caused by the Russian planes and of course the repeated Chinese violation of national waters near the Senkaku Islands calls for more steep increase in military spending. At the very least it should be 2% of GDP.

Unfortunately the Japanese people are still not ready for this increase being haunted by the ghosts of the WWII…

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Katsuya Okada of DPJ – “Dissolution in June-July”

Katsuya Okada of Democratic Party of Japan believes that there is a high probability that the Lower House of parliament will be dissolved after the end of the regular session around June-July next year. As for the reason he stated that should the consumption tax be raised up to 10% as it was planned “there would be no telling how the economic situation would progress for about a half of a year. In such dangerous situation it is impossible (to hold the elections)”.
Okada believes that PM Abe would dissolve the Lower House before the tax raise.


Japan imposes further sanctions on Russia

The government imposed further sanctions on Russia in the view of the situation in Ukraine. Now export of weapons to Russia and also technological partnership in the military sphere is forbidden. Also some Russian banks cannot issue securities in Japan.


Japan to impose further sanctions on Russia

Japan is planning to introduce additional sanctions against Russia over the situation in Ukraine. The sanctions are to be announced on Sep 19.

So far Japan was very lenient on Russia only refusing visa to some minor Russian officials who were involved with Crimea annexation. It is planned that the list of Russians who are to be refused Japanese visa would be extended and also their assets in Japan would be frozen. However, the new sanctions may follow the US and EU pattern to include financial and energy sector. Sure enough that Russia will be protesting and Putin’s visit to Japan planned for this fall might be postponed.

Japan did not want to aggravate relations with Russia very much hoping to resolve the Northern Territories problem. But with the US and EU taking further steps to make Russia behave, Japan will have to reconsider its policy and take a stronger stance.


Japan Restoration Party and Unity Party decided on the co-president system

On Sep 6 secretary generals of Japan Restoration Party and Unity Party decided that Toru Hashimoto and Kenji Eda, the leaders of the two parties are to become co-presidents after the parties merge.

Parties aim to hold a merge meeting on the new party creation on Sep 21. The details of the manifesto and party management system as still to be worked out.

On Sep 6 parties agreed about the co-president system and UP accepted that the word ‘restoration’ will remain in the name of the new party. Ideas about the new party name will be collected from the members of both parties before the final decision is made. It was also decided that the party headquarters will be located in Osaka.

On Sep 7 Hashimoto and Eda plan to have a meeting to reconfirm the details.


Japanese government to consider response to Russian actions

Russia announced that it would deny visas to several Japanese officials as a response measure to Japan’s sanctions imposed on Russia by G7 countries. MOFA official stated: “This will have negative impact on Japan-Russia relations. We are disappointed.” and mentioned that the Russian move will be analyzed and proper response considered in the beginning of the next week. Japanese government reaffirms that it will be further cooperating with G7 over the sanctions on Russia. The list of officials who would be denied entry to Russia will not be disclosed.


The US recognizes Japanese sovereignty over the Russian-occupied Northern Territories

State Department Deputy Spokesperson Marie Harf in connection with the Russia’s military exercises near the Kunashiri and Etorofu islands, which are a part of the Northern Territories long occupied by Russia, stated: “The United States recognizes Japanese sovereignty over these islands.”

The question and answer during Harf’s daily press briefing in Washington DC on Aug 13 went like this:

QUESTION: And just in the region, also on Russia, do you have any comment on the Russian exercises in what they call the Southern Kuril* Islands? The Japanese were upset.

MS. HARF: Yes. Let me see what I have on that. I have something brief. The United States recognizes Japanese sovereignty over these islands. And don’t have – I said it was brief. Don’t have anything more for you.


* in the transcript it was written as “Kirul”, which is obviously a typo

Russia conducted military trainings at the occupied Northern Territories – MOFA to protest

The government confirmed on Aug 13 that Russia conducted military exercises on the occupied Northern Territories. This information was distributed via Ministry of Foreign Affairs. There is a high probability that the exercises took place at the Etorofu and Kunashiri islands vicinity. Details are being confirmed. Ministry of Foreign Affairs is to express Japan’s strong protest to Russia on the same day.

Russian Ministry of Defense announced on Aug 12 that Russia started military exercises at the Kuril Islands, which include the Northern Territories. Over one thousand military personnel and five attack helicopters are taking part in the trainings. Exercises are aimed to boost Russia’s ability to protect the remote islands.


Japan-US discussions over dealing with Russia

Foreign Ministry official Shinsuke Sugiyama during his visit to the US on Aug 11 conducted discussions with senior American officials – Under Secretary for Political Affairs Wendy Sherman and Under Secretary for Arms Control and International Security Rose Gottemoeller. Sugiyama explained the position of Abe’s administration in respect to dealing with Russia over the situation in Ukraine the approach to the problem of North Korea.

During the talks Sugiyama stressed the importance of cooperation between the G7 countries and also between Japan, America and Korea. There was also opinion exchange over the situation in Iraq.

Reflecting on the meeting Sugiyama said: “We had a chance to discuss a wide range of subjects. I believe the US can now understand our position”.