Day: Saturday, 29 March 2014 @ 5:16

Japan will not help… President Park Geun-hye might have to pay for her anti-Japan diplomacy

At long last the talks between Japan, America and Korea took place in Hague. However, Korea is facing a possibility of international isolation.

Last year an informal conference between the officials of Japan and Korea was held. It was about diplomatic relations between the two countries, the security issues, North Korea problems and the right to exercise collective self-defense that is being pushed by PM Abe. During this conference one of the Japanese officials mentioned that should a war occur again at the Korean peninsula with North Korea invading the South, Japan might not help the South Korea this time.

It is said that the Korean officials were shocked by these words.

But with Korea giving it all to bashing and spreading lies about Japan on the comfort women and history problems, why would Japan be helping Korea should an emergency situation occur? Then there is a Takeshima islands unlawfully occupied by Korea.

In Japan there is a Law on a Situation in the Areas Surrounding Japan that was established in 1999. Its primary goal is to help South Korea fighting the North should an emergency situation occur in the Korean peninsula.

So Korean officials at the conference just smirked that it is your law and why should we care. Then a Japanese official slowly and diligently explained that Japan would request prior consultation from the US and that it is possible that Japan would not allow the US to use its military bases in Japan to protect the South.

At this point the Korean officials finally got it.

The Japan-US Security Treaty stipulates that US can have its military bases in Japan in return for protecting Japan, and only Japan. If the US would like to act in favor of the third countries the “prior consultation” between Japan and US is required. And the Japanese official hinted that Japan may say “No” to the US request.

Up to now there were no cases when the “prior consultation” was conducted. During the Vietnam war and the Gulf war America did not launch attacks directly from its bases in Japan, and there were no need for the consultation. But if something happens in the Korean peninsula will Japan give ok to the US operations? If Japanese citizens would be completely fed up with Korea, they would oppose supporting it. Unless public opinion supports it Japan will not be able to give Korea all the help it needs.

As for Korea the Us involvement is a matter of life and death. And the US must use its military bases in Japan to head for Korea. But what if it would not be able to do so…

Sure enough that the probability that Japan would reject US request at the “prior consultation” is almost zero. However, the Japanese officials mentioning the “prior consultation” that never occurred before means a lot.

Jiniro Pyon, a chief editor of “Korea report”, who is well versed in the Japan-Korea relations says that never before the Japan-Korea relations over security were that bad. Korea opposing Japan trying to exercise the right of collective self-defense was the beginning of it, however such statements from government officials mean that Japan’s patience has run out. Japan is openly disappointed with Korea forgetting that Japan was helping to protect it for over half of a century from the moment the Korean state was established.

Jiniro Pyon continues that the danger that Korea is being exposed from the North is incomparable to that Japan is exposed to, and continuing opposing Japan trying to exercise the right of collective self-defense will do Korea absolutely no good. Park’s administration’s anti-Japan diplomacy will boomerang to Korea.

How Korea will act being confronted by this reality?