Day: Friday, 28 March 2014 @ 7:38

LDP to counter the anti-Japan campaigns by China and Korea

On Mar 27 LDP created a “Committee for the International Information Analysis”. This purpose of this committee is to develop strategies on how to relay information that would counter the anti-Japan propaganda by countries like China and Korea they engage in other countries. The committee will analyze propaganda activities of China and Korea in the US. Governmental information strategy office will be established in the US. It will be relaying the information that would counter the anti-Japan propaganda in the US.

The anti-Japan campaign by China and Korea over such issues as PM Abe visit to Yasukuni and comfort women problem has been gaining strength lately. The committee is called to prevent the false information from spreading around the world and have Japan take offensive by transmitting the information it possesses.

The committee was created under the LDP’s foreign affairs and economic partnership division (chief – Lower House representative Seishiro Etoh). Yoshiaki Harada Lower House representative is planned to become the chairman.

The main goal of the committee would be to investigate the propaganda activities of China and Korea in the US as well as cooperate with the lobbyist and parliamentary diplomatic actions, civil movements and educational institutions. The committee will fully study the end goal of the propaganda and consider how it would affect the diplomatic efforts of Japan and how to counter it.

Also, in order to efficiently execute information relaying strategies and stand up to China and Korea the creation of a new organization and foreign offices that would unify the governmental information transmittance activities is under consideration. Changes in the NHK World international broadcasting concept will also be discussed. Research of the civilian and governmental organization roles will be conducted and with funding being secured for the governmental organizations financial grants for the civilian activities will also be considered.