Day: Wednesday, 26 March 2014 @ 23:16

The renewed Three Principles on Arms Exports are approved – LDP panel

On Mar 26 the joint meeting of the Security Investigation Committee and the corresponding panel of LDP approved the new “Three principles on transferring defense equipment” that are to replace the “Three Principles on Arms Exports” that were effectively forbidding the export of arms and related technologies. The renewed principles on arms export have been approved on Mar 25 by the project team of LDP and Komeito. It is expected that on Mar 28 the new principles will be approved at the meeting of the ruling coalition policymakers. Following this the cabinet is set to approve the new rules on Apr 1 or Apr 4.

The new rules are: (1) Do not export (transfer) the defense equipment to the countries that are engaged in a military conflict and to the countries that are forbidden to import arms under the UN resolution, (2) Export is limited to the cases when it would promote world cooperation and contribute to the security of Japan, strict scrutiny and transparency is to be applied to each case, (3) Export is limited to the cases when the importing country can guarantee that the equipment will be properly supervised, used only for the purpose announced, and will not be transferred to the third parties.