Day: Saturday, 15 March 2014 @ 3:12

China uses the comfort women issue to its interest

It seems like the comfort women statues and monuments will be ‘invading’ Australia as well with the help of Korea and… China. The two countries continue what they do best – Japan bashing – and China siding with Korea has its own interest. This interest is to make the US government be concerned about Japan building up it is military forces. Strong Japan obviously interferes with China’s expansion in Asia. This has nothing to do with comfort women issue itself.

Sure enough that weak Japan is welcomed by China as it plans its invasion of the Senkaku Islands (Okinawa pref.). Basically China takes Korea for a ride and use it to fool the unbeknown West about the comfort women issue.

Korea is calling Japan to face the history, but when Japan says that we want to check the ‘facts’ in the “Kono statement”, can’t it be said that Japan tries to face the true history? If president Park Geun-hye is so sure of the Korean ‘history’, should she not support Japan in every way?

People who want to know the truth about the comfort women (read the Korean wartime prostitutes) already know it. The US army said it all in its report of August 1944, which is available here with Japanese translation.

Anyhow, Japan should understand that informational war is being waged against it. It is time to stand strong and fight now, if we do not want to fight the real war down the road.

by naokawa and