Day: Friday, 14 March 2014 @ 16:12

Senkaku Islands defence is in danger

The defense budget 2015 submitted by the Obama administration to the Congress became clear. The main point is that that the budget has been significantly curbed. The basic strategy that the US has to handle two wars at the same time can no longer be withheld.

But if the US can no longer fight two wars at the same time, it will not fight for Japan to protect the Senkaku Islands even with Japan-US Security Treaty in place.

The retired army general [nkw: a friend of the author of this article] says this: “Inability to fight two wars at the same time is like having a gun with only one bullet loaded. If you only have one, you would not shoot it easily.”

America has only one bullet. This means that it will only fight if there is a threat to the America itself. If there is a possibility of such threat, you cannot go and fight war anywhere else.

The general also clearly stated the following: “If there is a gun with only one bullet, America will naturally save it to protect itself. It will not use it to protect the Senkaku Islands.”

Obama cannot even do anything about Putin invading Ukraine. Certainly, a possible China’s invasion into Senkaku Islands would be much smaller “threat to America”. Japan who has been living peacefully fully relying on the Japan-US Security Treaty should face this harsh truth with all seriousness.

The overall US defense budget 2015 was sharply cut to $469 billion (about 51 trillion yen). High Defense Ministry official speaking about this budget says: “With this budget we will have to greatly shrink our operations and training. Fuel expenses are also cut. Because of this we will have to change our basic strategy of being able to fight two wars at the same time.”

This 2015 defense budget makes two things very clear. The first is that the ability to counter China’s cyber attacks would be improved. 133 cyber strategic units will be placed under the cyber command.

The second is that the special forces will be reinforced by 6% to reach 50000, and the number of the special operation helicopters and vehicles will be increased.

Looking at this contents it is clear that the US greatly revamps the strategy it followed so far.

For over a half of a century America maintained the world order with its great power. Be it for the better or worse, this power, that protected Japan under the Japan-US Security Treaty is now diminishing. We have to face this reality with all seriousness.

by Yoshiki Hidaka