Day: Monday, 10 March 2014 @ 15:13

Woman parliamentary collects signatures to “review the Kono statement”

Freshman parliamentary Sugita Mio (46) of the Japan Restoration party presented to the House of Representatives her “Divine questions”. These sharp-tongued questions were previously published in her twitter and on website deal with the comfort women problem. She requested the review of the “Kono statement”, which thought to be insulting for Japan. Another her request is to summon the former chief cabinet secretary Youhei Kono to the Diet for questioning. She also expressed her anger with Asahi Shimbun recently pointed out to be an “A-class war criminal”.

“For the honor of Japan I would like that Mr Kono would frankly present to the Diet all the truth he knows” she said.

The Japan Restoration party also started collecting signatures for the review of the “Kono statement” and hopes to reach 100000 signatures by the end of this month. Sugita acts as secretary general for the activity.

Sugita says: “At first I wanted to proceed as a bipartisan woman parliamentary. But women from the LDP who shared my ideas were either invited to join the Cabinet or took up high posts in the party. So I could not use their names any longer. Other opposition parties could not be counted on, so I had no other choice but to start collecting signatures as a Japan Restoration party member”.

At first the director of Asahi Shimbun was also on the list of witnesses along with Kono. Earlier this week some weekly magazines blamed Asahi Shimbun to be the “A-class war criminal” because of the article about the comfort women problem it published. However, the party leaders were not keen on the idea of summoning the director of Asahi Shimbun and only Kono remained on the list.

“Director Momii of NHK is being summoned to the Diet almost every day. Consort women problem is damaging to the country interests. I believed that it is only proper that the director of Asahi Shimbun should also appear in the Diet and make explanations to the citizens. It is a pity…” Sugita responded.

In December last year Sugita and two other Japan Restoration party members visited the US to investigate the situation with Korean decent NPOs building consort women statues and monuments all over the country. Korean Yonhap news on December 19 reported that Sugita and others forced their way into the Glendale city council in California and slammed Japan Restoration party as “The notorious ultra-right party”. Sugita was furious.

“We just performed a survey of the reports that Americans of Japanese decent and Japanese citizens residing in the US are being bullied and harassed. We did not visit city council and did not meet city authorities. But before that, we never gave interview to this Korean media”, says Sugita.

She is also saying that in spite of such obstructions she would move on collecting signatures because she wants to “protect the honor of Japan”.

“LDP opposes the summon of Mr Kono just because ‘there were no previous cases of summoning a witness who was dealing with criminal offenses’. But let’s think what is more important the honor of politicians hiding the truth or the honor of the country? The only thing we want is to get to the heart of the matter here and now for the sake of our Japan”.