Day: Sunday, 9 March 2014 @ 14:34

Isolation of japan is a big lie? Harsh criticism of unreasonable Korean media

Korean media continue its bashing of Japan as they always do. They never seem to get bored with it. But recently a new trend appeared – “Japan is internationally isolated!”

Stirring the fuss and enjoying it themselves is close to well-staged performance, but amidst anti-Japanese campaign one can sometimes get to see clearly critical passages like “Japan is isolated only in Korea’s mind”, “The only countries making a problems of PM Abe’s visit to Yasukuni are Korea, China and North Korea”, “It is a lie that the whole world is opposed the right-wing tendencies in Japan”, etc.

Commentary from a contributor of March edition of “Monthly Chosen”, Yuu Min Hou (53) residing in the US.

Yuu Min Hou (53) who is residing in the US writes in his article for the March edition of “Monthly Chosen” titled “All-mighty pill by the name of anti-Japan” that Korean media lost their way in anti-Japan self-indulgence.

Part of it is a case of manga exhibition devoted to the theme of comfort women that was organized by Koreans in France. It was said that 17000 people visited the exhibition, but if you think of space of mere 70 sq.m, this is obviously a sham.

Also Yuu Min Hou states that “if PM Abe was to resign (as Korea wants him to) the next government will be even more rightish”. He advocates that “Korea instead of putting its efforts into anti-Japanism should learn how to deal with the new generation of Japanese politicians”.