Day: Thursday, 6 March 2014 @ 23:35

China obstinately identify Japan with ‘nazi’. Korea and some Japan media follow.

While North Korea admitted abductions of the Japanese citizens and being heavily criticized, at the same time the cases of school uniform in schools for the North Koreans in Japan being cut into pieces follow one after another. The perpetrator is not found yet.

While Korea puts all its efforts in anti-Japan despise-Japan activities a mere several hundred of people take part in the “Hate speech” demonstration in Shin-okubo, Tokyo. US State Department mentions its concerns about this in the human rights report 2013 released on Feb 27. Clearly an overreaction.

Japan being a victim in these cases is presented as a culprit where racial discrimination and anti-foreigner feelings are strong. Incidents with Anne Frank diaries vandalized in libraries are part of this.

But Japan is rather a victim here.

China wants Senkaku islands in Okinawa that have always been Japan territory. In order to protect itself Japan tries to strengthen its ties with US changing the constitution interpretation to allow for the right of collective self-defense to be exercised. While China turns into a militaristic state aiming to invade other countries Japan just tries to defend itself. The proposed constitution changes have also the same goal.

Japan territory, Takeshima island in Shimane prefecture is being occupied by Korea. Japan wants at least teach its children about the fact.

Japan only tries to re-investigate the report about “sex slaves” being “forcefully taken” that is far from truth and get to the historical truth about the consort women. Nothing more.

Visit to Yasukuni shrine to honor the souls of people who lost their lives in a war would be a natural thing to do in any country. It has nothing to do with nationalism of even more with ‘nazism’.

By the neighboring countries especially China still try to slam Abe administration as ‘nazi’ lying to the international community. Korea and some of Japan media like Asahi Shimbun seem to side with this point of view too.

And here occurs the Anne Frank diaries incident.

It plays so well into hands of those countries and national media who would like to do away with Abe administration. Some even say that it is an international plot to defile Japan. Hopefully the authorities will find out who is behind the scenes.

by Hidetsugu Yagi