Day: Tuesday, 4 March 2014 @ 1:09

Prime Minister Abe is set to counter chinese and korean “Anti-Japan propaganda”

Prime Minister Abe during parliament session on Feb 28 declared that in order to keep in check “Anti-Japan propaganda” by China and Korea Japan will step up its activities of relaying its point of view to the international community. Both China and Korea continue their fabricated claims be it on territorial problems, history et al. Japan will review its strategy and will strive to be more efficient sending out its messages to the world.

Yamamoto Ichita, special minister for territorial problems gathered ~30 ambassadors from APAC region in Ministry of Foreign Affairs and said that in order to counter the harsh informational war they need to do all they can to thoroughly explain Japan’s position. Minister Yamamoto stated that he would propose the prime minister that those embassies efficient in relaying the information will be given extra budget and human resources.

China and Korea continue transmitting false information about Japan territories of Senkaku in Okinawa prefecture and Takeshima Islands. On history front they continue to publicly lie claiming that the comfort women who were in fact the ‘war time prostitutes’ to be the ‘sex slaves’ forced into prostitution and taken to Japan by force.

Administration of PM Abe plans to establish a new team within the government in order to check how the infamous “Kono statement” came into life. The facts from the interviews conducted with comfort women that insult Japan and its people were not thoroughly checked at the time and need to be revisited. Chief cabinet secretary Suga pointed at press conference on Feb 28 that the material to be checked will be presented to parliament should such request be made. Mr Kono may also be called for hearings.

In response to that Korean source in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs rebukes Japan for “trying to deny the Kono statement”.